Bet365 Introduces Partial Cash Out Service

Bet365 is the first bookmaker introducing the partial cash-out option allows to cash out portion of bet while securing profit, and leaving rest of the bet open, opposed to the common occurrence of closing wager all together.

Over the last year or so, cashing out of your bet has become a routine affair in online betting with many operators offering better chance to lock in profit on bet that is coming their way. No need to wait for the outcomes to settle. In the past, the punters would have to double check multiple bets, and keeping track of goals scored, whether they are in their favor or against them. Cash out has made it possible for them to win and limit losses at the touch of button.

Bet365 took this idea one step further. They introduced Partial Cash Out system. Previously, cash out value would be assigned to in-running bet based on likelihood of it paying out, thus, players could either leave bet to reach the conclusion or take the amount on offer. Now they can easily choose the level to which they want to cash out, by either locking in profit irrespective of the outcome, or cashing portion of bet while leaving rest of bet in-play.

This newly introduced feature says good-bye to the agony of the players who were forced to either take out the cash out value offered to them or to continue and let the bet run and win bigger returns if their selection turns out to be correct.

Let suppose, you have accumulator going well but you think there is a match that could be a nightmare for you and potentially may let you down, you have the option to lock in profit and covering the initial stake, and then continue with the remaining bet until the last whistle. Bet365 allows the punters a sliding scale to select the degree to which they cash out in order to see in real time their potential returns. The best part is that if someone is new to the bet365, he/she can claim 100% deposit bonus but up to £200.

The Partial Cash out service option is developed by Bet365, in-house. Bet365 has always thrived to stand out in the market from their competitors. No doubt, they are the first bookmaker to offer such an awesome service, though some other bookmakers also announced earlier in 2015 that they were also working on it. But, none has yet introduced the option. Bet365 takes the lead and has introduced to its customers the Partial Cash out service for the first time ever in the history of the betting. This is a great leap forward. That’s why people love bet365.

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