France – Spain : France and Spain sailing towards the World Cup

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Football, International Friendly (M)

A few days ago, both teams recorded easy wins against opponents who were no match for them

The French played in Luxembourg a few days ago and ended up struggling much more than expected. They won 3-1 and stayed in the top spot of their qualifying group. 

– The game with Spain will show us where we are at the moment. Spain are still a good-quality team and we can use this game to see where we are. This match will be much different to the one we played in Luxembourg. We were dominant there but meeting a team that will make you struggle for a win is good occasionally – Deschamps said.

He lost Sevilla’s center back Rami, who got injured. Instead of him, Aymeric Laporte from Atheltic is on the team. Laporte recently said that he would play for Spain if Deschamps doesn’t put him on the team and the Spaniards speculate that is precisely why he is there now. 

Just like the home team, Spain were successful in qualifiers a few days ago. Unlike France, they didn’t struggle against Israel and recorded a convincing 4-1 win in Gijon. That kept them in a neck and neck race for the top spot with Italy. 

Their coach Lopetegui is looking forward to a good test game:

– Spain and France games are a classic. We play at Stade de France and I hope the fans will enjoy a spectacle. These kind of friendly games are an ideal chance for us to try some new things out against a good-quality opponent. There will be some changes compared to the last qualifying game but I still haven’t decided all the details. 

– France have a lot of top-quality players but they also have a sense of team game. Descamps has been in charge there for a while now and he knows them very well. I think they are one of the best teams in the world at the moment. 

He cannot count on Diego Costa, who got injured at one practice session. Morata will probably get a start instead.

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