Ladbrokes review

Ladbrokes review (20/12/12)

As an offshoot of Ladbrokes PLC, is the single largest provider of online betting and gaming services. At their website you can expect uninterrupted supply of games and bets as there is really no time to close down the shutters as in local clubs or restaurants. Ladbrokes offers a gamut of sources you can place your bet s on be it on Equestrian races or on major league Football games.

For those who are into financial betting, Ladbrokes gives you two platforms to play on: Standard and Advanced. You can start with the Standard version if you are still learning the ropes. Once you get comfortable you may switch to the advanced version where you can actually make a living out of trading with unlimited betting, hedging and trailing stops. Thanks to the software wizardry of the developers of, you can switch from one version to another just like trying another pair of shoes.

To pack more power to their punch, has their octopus-like arms spread on several betting markets: FX, UK 100 Index, Public utility products and on the US 30. To get the complicated network of betting machinery working across the global markets, Ladbrokes offers three kinds of betting odds. Popular options of Moving Odds and Static odds are always available. With Moving odds your stake and winnings are constant but market conditions vary. In the case of Static odds, the stake amount and winnings will change but the market conditions do not. But if you are a real player you should go for the Range odds and binary as in this situation, the odds and the market situations are always changing so the returns are far more than expected.

At, you get the double thrill of enthralling gambling and gamming experiences. They have a virtual casino where you can play live poker with other gamers just like you would in a real casino hall without leaving the precincts of your home. There are live Roulettes and blackjacks galore. The mind blowing graphics and amazing sound effects are real close to the real thing. Along with exciting real-time Poker, there are almost 500 different casino games you can select from according to what catches your fancy.

For a limited time there is a introductory freebet offer of value £50 for newcomers t o the site. You can earn as many as three freebets increasing your chances to win threefold.

Newcomers to betting get all the priority in this site all the tools and features are explained in simple and comprehensible language so all you need to do is follow the instructions on how to place your bets. Reading the instructions maybe cumbersome for those who just want to bet and move on. In that case if you are a sports fan, you just click on the game, the match you are interested in and choose your prediction. It is that easy to navigate on You have any number of real and actual sporting events to dabble in from American Football to Volleyball.

For those who prefer to be lost in the virtual world of video and arcade games, there are also games which are based on popular television shows like “Who wants to be a Millionaire” or ”Deal or No Deal”. There are a whopping 92 available slot games and yet there is always a rush of people to get in. Or you can just play simple games like “Hide’n’Seek” and “Cops and Robbers”. Either way, there are daily jackpots to the extent of £ 1 million to be won every day. Instances of individual winnings to the tune of £2000 or even £4000 are commonplace in

It is truly a fact that once you enter, you will never leave. The daily special events like Millionaire Monday or Treasure Thursday have to power to suck you right back in.

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