Many things have changed in the online world during the last one decade, more and more people are discovering the power of the internet, people are finding new ways to connect with others and find new entertainment methods, and betting is one of them. Unibet is one of the leading and the largest online gambling operator in Europe with an ever-increasing customer base of more than 8.6 million gamblers worldwide. Being the leader in the moneytainment industry in Europe, Unibet as part of their corporate DNA provides customer satisfaction and responsibility as their main objectives. The customer base of Unibet is spread across more than 100 countries and provides the best and the most rewarding gaming experience to all its players. The Business model of Unibet is based on four core gaming areas like sports betting, poker, casino games and other sporting events. Their motto ‘by players, for players’ clearly states their deep understanding of the customer needs which helps them to provide the best and focused customer service.

Unibet offers a wide range of betting services like pre-game sports betting, poker, casino, live betting, French horse racing betting, bingos and lotteries. Incorporated in Malta in 1997, Unibet is certified by G4, Global gaming guidance group and they strictly follow the code of conduct laid out by them for responsible gambling. Unibet is a member of betting association, European gambling association and remote gambling association and compliant with eCOGRA standards. Unibet does not just provide premium betting and gaming products as per customer needs they educate customers on online behaviors so that gaming is fun and entertaining for them. Unibet being a responsible gaming and customer centric company strives hard to provide value added service to customers for a long period by building trust, customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Unibet responsible gaming has many forms and utmost importance is given to prevention. To safe guard the integrity and security of all their operation, they prevent problems like addiction and under age gambling. Unibet as part of their household entertainment have designed their responsible gaming policy not just for problematic gamblers but also for all the customers so that retention and customer satisfaction is always at the peak. In order to implement responsible gaming policy they provide information and educate all the staffs about the procedures and strategies and ensures that it is implemented in the daily operations like customer service, marketing and technical solutions.

They also ensure that the staffs are committed and are up to date in responsible gaming. They have employed a qualified behavioral psychologist to evaluate and improve policies and procedures where needed. Their experts monitor all transactions and ensure that there is zero tolerance against fraud and underage gambling. Unibet adopts their own set of tools and strategies like third party ID verification tool and gaming limit function, which helps the customer to set his own playing limit. Unibet also provides responsible gaming information and links on their website for customer when they require assistance. As part of their expansion program, they have taken another step by entering into the global B2B gaming market.